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Stem Cell Power

Pluripotent stem cells have unlimited capacity to regenerate and give rise to all cell types in the human body. 3Dnamics harnesses and unleashes stem cell power to discover novel therapeutics and medicines for neurological disorders and beyond.


About Us

3Dnamics is a leading biotechnology company founded by top-notch stem cell pioneers and neuroscientists at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Our mission is to improve human health through innovative applications of stem cell technology. Our initial aim is to engineer 3D organoid models of biological systems and diseases using human cells to fulfill unmet medical needs and to accelerate the discovery and development of novel therapeutics and medicines for neurological diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and others.

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Pluripotent stem cells can develop into 3D organ-like structures, physiologically similar to those of native tissues, that may serve as relevant in vitro models for studying drug actions and responses.

Our Services

3Dnamics provides stem cell-related solutions for your research and business

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We provide organoids and other cellular sub-types for pre-clinical drug testings and diagnostics

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